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Roblox? or No-Blox

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Do you play Roblox?

Kids In the age between 10-12, use Roblox More than TikTok, and almost as many users

as Instagram!

Roblox is “possessing” kids, and Roblox is causing major damage to people.

I think Roblox is dangerous, and excluding.

I think Roblox should be banned.

I think Roblox should be banned because it contains inappropriate information and additions to the game.

Roblox is not a part of social media, although it is a public game. Kids can communicate with anyone playing and there are almost no barriers blocking what people can say. Roblox was rated E10+ by the ESRB. That means that no one is allowed to play the game under the age of ten. However, sadly a lot of children under the age limit play the game and become addicted to it. Additionally, Roblox has been hacked by more than one person, and according to “Extra Crunch”, by Sarah Perez, the results of the hack can allow, “two male avatars to gang rape a young girls’ avatar on a playground in one of the Roblox games.”

This is a disgrace to our planet and human nature.

This happened to a seven-year-old girl, and thankfully, her mom found out and protected her from it.

Another feature of this somewhat Dastardly video game, is the “Roblox S*x Room” this feature is also horrendous, and very scary. You can get invited to the room by a stranger, or a friend. But somebody that invited you there, stranger or not, is NOT a friend.

Never accept an invite to the Roblox s*x room.

That feature is a seriously concerning thing, and it can be very dangerous especially if a stranger is asking you. Unfortunately, although it is very scary to think about, adults do use video games as a way to trick, and hurt kids.

Is Roblox worth your time and mental health?

Roblox is excluding your consciousness and your peers.

Roblox can be very excluding especially to kids without mobile devices. Can you imagine all your friends playing Roblox, or some other virtual game, and being left out? In my opinion, being excluded does not feel good, especially when your friends are stuck on this new “trend” that you think is annoying. Also, in some cases, even if you wanted to play you can't because you don't own a device with the internet, or even have electricity.

YOU might have a phone, iPad, etc, etc, but most likely, not all your friends do.

When you play Roblox, you are usually not being conscious.

It's a little like eating in front of a tv.

When you're watching and eating, you're so into the movie that a lot of the time, you don't even realize that you're eating.

Do you Feel Left out? Or are you the one excluding?

Roblox is Violent

Roblox, like many games, incorporates shooting, and other forms of violence.

According to “medical news today” Results of the studies indicate that playing video games not only changes how our brains perform but also their structure.

Furthermore, evidence has shown that the rapid playing of video games can cause parts of the brain to enlarge, or get bigger, which results in, a person’s ability to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects.

Playing violent video games rapidly can also result in aggression.

Do you rapidly play video games?

Have you been feeling angrier?

Check with your doctor for more information.

I strongly believe that Roblox should be banned.

I think this because of video games, but particularly Roblox, arent good for anybody, including you, me, and other people in the world. Roblox isn’t doing anything good for the world, and Roblox can be really time-consuming. People may be spending hours on roblox, and at that time do you know what you COULD be doing? You could spend that time coming up with a plan that might save the world one day, or you could spend time killing your brain, and at the same time excluding a person who might be your best friend!

Next time you walk toward your Xbox, or your phone, getting ready to play a big round of Roblox, think. Think about what you could be doing in that time instead of being on the screen and drowning out of reality. And maybe, just maybe, do something that will make a positive impact on our planet.

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