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Our Summer Grant Winners, On a Roll!

You may know that this August, there were 3 organizations selected to win the Summer Grant of 200 dollars 💵

The 3 organizations were: Feel Good, Girl ( Feel Good, Girl donates bags with feminine hygiene products, personal care products, inspirational messages, and some "fun stuff" for girls 9-16 in shelters.)

Beautiful Baby (Beautiful Baby donates bags with baby and toddler products to help out new moms and their babies in shelters)

And last but definitely not least, Art From Our Hearts. (They donate decorated boxes with stones, and seashells for seniors at senior centers)

Heres an update on how there all doing:

Feel Good, Girl is now working with there new recruit, Lucia, who has hand-decorated 50 oil painted mini canvases for the bags. Feel Good, Girl is so far supported by Aisle, a reusable pad company, Saalt, a menstrual cup company, and their new partner, 10 Free Life, A nail-care company! They will be donating their bags to the Jackson Avenue Family Residence, a shelter located in the Bronx.

Beautiful Baby is now working with Beautiful Baby's newest recruit, Indrani. They are collaborating on Zoom and working to make the bags perfect for their baby friends, and working on getting possible donations from other companies. They will also be donating to the Jackson Avenue Family Residence!

Art From Our Hearts is going to keep going and continue making their boxes and stones.

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